List of suspicious deaths linked to Mugabe’s Regime and Central Intelligence Organisation

Demonstration against Robert Mugabe's regime n...

Demonstration against Robert Mugabe’s regime, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edward Chindori-Chininga 19/06/2013. He was murdered by Zanu PF for exposing massive looting of diamond in Marange. Ed died in a mysterious car accident on his way from Raffingora to Guruve.

Herbert Chitepo (1975), ZANU leader, killed by car bomb in exile in Lusaka

Josiah Tongogara (1979), ZANLA leader, died in a car accident in Mozambique during return from exile.

Charles Tazvishaya (aka Lovemore Mawisa) (1986), personal private secretary to Prime Minister Mugabe, survived a gunshot wound to the head and then died in Parirenyatwa Hospital, Harare, a fortnight later, after his medical drip was detached from the source medication.

Rashiwe Guzha was a secretary in the Zimbabwean central intelligence office. She disappeared in the early 1990s and has not been found. An inquiry was set up by the Zimbabwean government but results of the inquiry were never made public.

Maurice Nyagumbo (1989), Minister for Mines, died from ingesting pesticide. It is allegedly claimed to be a looting deal involving the thief residing at State House that went wrong.

Enos “Mvuu” Chikoore alleged to have committed suicide following forced resignation due to massive looting at NICOZIM and the National Housing Scheme during his tenure a Minister of Transport and Minister of Energy and Public Construction and National Housing respectively. The looting was sanctioned by the man currently renting at State House.

Border Gezi (2001), Minister for Gender, Youth and Employment, died in a car accident.

Moven Mahachi (2001), Minister of Defence, died in a car accident.

Elliot Manyika (2008), Minister Without Portfolio and National Political Commissar for ZANU-PF, died in a car accident.

Susan Tsvangirai (2009), wife of Morgan Tsvangirai, the new Prime Minister in the Government of National Unity, died in a car accident.

General Solomon Mujuru (aka Rex Nhongo) (August 2011), first post-Independence Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Armed Forces and husband of Vice President Joice Mujuru, died in a house fire which destroyed his farmhouse near Beatrice.

Lookout Masuku jailed together with Dumiso Dabengwa by the notoriuos Mugabe. He died in suspicious circumstances a few weeks after his release from prison

William Ndangana — a leader of the war of liberation and senior Zanu PF member — died near Nyazura in a car accident on 27 June 1989. He was buried at the National Heroes Acre.

Sydney “Donald” Malunga a political activist, civic leader and outspoken Member of Parliament for Bulawayo’s Mpopoma constituency died on August 28, 1994 in a car accident. He was buried at the national shrine on September 3 of the same year.

Witness Rukarwa who became Governer of Mashonaland West died under dubious circumstances. He was involved in a serious accident and the car was all mashed up in the front but he who was a passenger in the back died but his driver survived

Peter Pamire died in a car crash in 1996. In July 1996 an operative of Mugabe’s dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation shot Pamire while he was driving from Harare International airport.

Edson Zvobgo (2004) – The Harvard trained lawyer and longtime ally of Mugabe started criticising Mugabe’s autocratic rule in the early 1990’s. In 1996, he survived a car accident along Harare-Masvingo road. Both his legs were broken. Soon after the accident he was dropped from cabinet and this accident was considered suspicious by many. He had described the sweeping media laws as “the most serious assault on our constitutional liberties since independence”. He refused to campaign for Mugabe in 2002.

Zororo Duri (1996) Car Accident (Killed on the same spot as Ndangana)

Brigadier General Paul Armstrong Gunda: Railroad Accident

Winston Changara (2007) – The longtime bodyguard of Robert Mugabe was accused of meddling in the private affairs of the first family, especially Grace. It all started when Grace refused to go with him on a trip abroad alleging sexual overtures from the assistant commissioner bodyguard. Grace wanted to do away with him because she had seen him to potentially spill the beans about the First lady’s infidelity. Changara died in a road car accident.

Rwizi Ziyenge died on January 11, 1990 in a fake car accident near Marondera.

Nleya (1989) Captain Nleya’s body was found on a hillside in Hwange, two months after he disappeared in suspicious circumstances from an Infantry Battalion in Hwange.

Army lieutenant Shepard Chisango died in custody in 1991, after also threatening to expose ‘smuggling’ activities in Mozambique. He was arrested after trying to obstruct an army lorry which was carrying what were believed to be smuggled goods from Mozambique.



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